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Hardcore Is More Than Music 2.

Hardcore Is More Than Music fanzine was an artistic collaboration that I co-produced with artist Nina Manandhar.
We hand printed the first batch in Nina's dad's print shop in Acton and carried them in 2 big suitcases.

The launch of each issue was accompanied by an event or gig.

For the launch of Issue 2 I organised a gig at the ICA on 29th September 2002. The gig sold out and was previewed and recommended in Time Out. The line up was: Oxbow, Noxagt, Nought and Spykid.

Contributors to the fanzine for this issue were: Jeff Winterberg, Matthew Barney, Patrick Keiller, Polly Staple and Shama Khanna.

The contents of Issue 2: Gigspace, Milkbar, Dilapidated Dwelling, Please Send me Evenings and Weekends, Viral Shredding, Don't Watch Me, The Corner of Avenue B, Human Distortion Pedal, Blinken Und Winken, Prince Chaarming Chazz.
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