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Hardcore Is More Than Music

Hardcore Is More Than Music fanzine was an artistic collaboration that I co-produced with artist Nina Manandhar.
We hand printed the first batch in Nina's dad's print shop in Acton and carried them in 2 big suitcases.

The launch of each issue was accompanied by an event or gig. For the first issue I made a 20ft box at Chelsea College of Art and the band Nought played inside the box. It was the first gig since the Sex Pistols had played there 2 decades before.

Nina and I handed out 1000 copies at the music festival All Tomorrow's Parties in 2002.

Issue 1 contributors: Scott King, Nick Relph.

The contents of Issue 1: Projectile Moshpit, Mid-Air hardcore, Freedom, Blazing Heritage, Best Body, The Badge Machine Project, By Nick Relph, 20Hz- 20,000Hz, Debt now, debt later, I love amnesia, Get Out More, Collective DIY, Guided Access.